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Never Say Never


CD HighWell - Never Say Never

Left Behind



  1. Left Behind
  2. Rollercoaster
  3. Follow Your Track
  4. Free To Fly
  5. Take Me To The Stars
  6. Reach For The Sun
  7. No Need For A Good Guy
  8. Camouflage
  9. Black Hole
  10. No Rockstars
  11. Free To Fly (Acoustic Bonus Track)



Album-Teaser "Left Behind"


HighWell im März 2016 zu Gast in der

Sendung "32 Minuten" bei Radio 32

HighWell im Januar 2020 zu Gast in der 

Sendung "Blitzableiter" bei Radio Blitz

HighWell unplugged

If My Couch Could Talk (unplugged)

Live & unplugged @ HighWell Bändbrötle 2014

Free To Fly (unplugged)

Live @ Abasso Olten 2016